The Ride product is designed for electric vehicles that want to maximize power and minimize cost. 

Cell characteristics Value
Cell capacity at C/3 rate (Ah) 26.5
Specific energy at C/3 rate (Wh/kg) 234
Energy density at C/3 rate (Wh/L) 438
Power density at 80% DOD in 1C - 30s test (W/L) 2,400
Specific power at 80% DOD in 1C - 30s test (W/kg) 1,317
Cycle life at C/3 1,000
Nominal voltage (V) 3.69
Cell weight (g) 407
Cell dimensions (mm) 225 x 165 x 6
Operating temperature (°C) -30 to 55
Voltage range (V) 2.3 - 4.35