Pushing the limits of what's possible in energy storage

Zenlabs combines its high energy electrodes and unique technology to build lithium ion batteries with the highest energy density. Zenlabs breaks free from the slow progression of battery improvement, which has plagued so many applications. An added benefit of higher energy density is lower $/kWh. Zenlabs puts more energy into the same physical battery size which means more miles driven or flown per charge.

Zenlabs is the technology leader in lithium batteries, pushing the limits of what is possible with mobile energy storage. Zenlabs has developed proprietary silicon-based formulations that offer higher specific capacity, longer cycle life, and lower cost. Zenlabs' anodes are unique in their high loading level and high active silicon content. Zenlabs combines these high capacity anodes with high capacity, high voltage cathode materials to achieve cell energy densities that are much higher than what is commercially available. The company has nearly a decade of technology development by a large team of PhDs and has amassed a diverse patent portfolio covering cathode, anode, electrolyte and cell design.