Mass Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Electric mobility is one of the most important efforts in the global fight against climate change. However, in order to truly compete with internal combustion engine vehicles, the cost of electric vehicles needs to decrease, the vehicle range needs to increase and the fast charge capability needs to vastly improve. Today's options are a $30K vehicle that travels 90 miles per charge or a $60K vehicle that travels 300 miles per charge -- neither of which appeals to the general population. Moreover, recharging your car should be as convenient as filling up a tank of gas.


In partnership with the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler), Zenlabs has developed an ultra high energy density cell, utilizing a silicon based anode. When most traditional cells are charged at high rates on a continuous basis, cycle life suffers tremendously. Range will finally alleviate inconveniences associated with electric vehicles — recharge time can finally last the same amount time as a gas fill-up.

Cell characteristics Value
Cell capacity at C/3 rate (Ah) 51
Specific energy at C/3 rate (Wh/kg) 305
Energy density at C/3 rate (Wh/L) 640
Peak Discharge Power Density, 30s Pulse (W/L) 2,000
Peak Specific Discharge Power, 30s Pulse (W/kg) 850
Peak Specific Regen Power, 10s Pulse (W/kg) 300
Cycle life (100% DOD, 1C charge and discharge) >1,000
Operating temperature (°C) -30 to 52
Maximum Self-Discharge <1% per month


For a 300 mile Electric Vehicle, charge 125 miles in 5 minutes, and 270 miles in less than 15 minutes.

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